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Ice The Cake Awards

The V.I.Peas were Highly Commended in the Most Entertaining Wedding Supplier category at the Ice The Cake awards.


Wedding Industry Award Winner

The V.I.Peas have received many Wedding Industry Expert awards

The V.I.Peas


The V.I.Peas




Peas to meet you!

LEAD VOCALS : Danni likes to think that she is the leader and founder of The V.I.Peas but we know the truth! She has been singing professionally for the last 10 years with numerous bands and some people say she is a musical tart! Enormously talented with a huge set of lungs, she has a truly stunning voice. She loves to engage with the audience and adds personal touches to each and every performance. Never one for sitting still, she keeps the rest of the band on their toes by deciding to changing the key to every song, or to extend or cut short songs with no advance warning!! In her spare time she loves Base Jumping and is the Somerset County Chess Champion. To find out about Danni's equipment click HERE


BASS GUITAR & BACKING VOCALS : Jason is the loudest member of the band, both with the volume of his bass guitar, and also his constant talking. He has kept us entertained on many a cold night with his ripping yarns. Jason has a unique sold bass style, and a little known fact is although his instrument has 5 strings he only uses one of them, tuned to C# and a half. His backing vocals and nah-nahs ensure each performance is rich and full of dynamic sound. In his spare time Jason can be found either mud wrestling or trying to break into the local Police station. His favourite colour is apple-white and his favourite song is Dancing Queen by ABBA.


DRUMS : What can we say about Lee, the baby of the group, that has not been said a thousand times? Well, Lee is a true ladies man and loves to be centre of attention. He ensures the audience always notice him with his crazy stunts and stick twirling. Lee has become so desired he is now bordering on "pin-up" status and has to take additional security where ever he goes - and what a good job his mum does at keeping the girls away from him! Although he lives in a special place called "Lee Land" he is a very rare breed of drummer - not only is he a wiz with the sticks, he also has an amazing ear for music and great at arrangement ideas. In his spare time he can be found either googling himself or playing World of Warcraft where he achieved level 87.